1. Goiní, Goiní, Goiní
  A song about living life to the fullest. Iím a big believer that weíre here for a flicker, and not a moment here on earth should be wasted. I wanted to write a song all about that and this is the result.
2. Itís The Day
What can I say; Iím a big fan of traditional country!
3. Moviní On
  One of the quickest songs Iíve ever written. I had moved out of Winnipeg to help some friends take over a business, things didnít quite work out and I wrote this when we were leaving.  I saw all our bags waiting by the door and thought what a great opening line for a country song.
4. Mr. Guitar Man
  This was one of the last songs added to this lineup. I wrote a first draft of the song a few years ago Ė never thought it was that good of a song. When I went and rewrote parts of it and we recorded it, everything just seemed to click.
5.Itís Time
  Brian and Melody White asked me to write a song for their wedding a couple years ago. Like a lot of things I left it until the week before Ė and ended up writing most of it with one hand on the steering wheel and a pen in the other driving down the highway at 100km/h.
6. Someone to Love Me Back
  I took a camping trip by myself a couple years ago with the goal of spending a few days in the bush and doing nothing but writing songs. This song and ďItís The DayĒ came out of that trip.
7. Donít Wait
  I have been very guilty of not listening to the words in this song, as Iím sure a lot of guys are.
8. I Donít Love You Anymore
  The story of this song came from things going on in the lives of a few couples that I know (they will remain nameless). It seemed like I was the one whoís shoulder they came and cried on all in the same week.
9. Good Things Take Time
  I went out with a girl for like a day Ė and she wrote me this long letter about why this relationship would not work. This song is sort of a response to that letter Ė I wrote it in about 20 minutes.
10. Really Apart
  Another song that came from listening to the story of a friend having some problems with the girl he was dating at the time. After about 4 hours of sitting in a Perkins restaurant and drinking lots of coffee and smoking lots of cigarettes, I went home and wrote this song.